Thursday 17 October

18:00, Informal pre-conference get-together (Plzeňský restaurant Anděl, Nádražní 114, Prague 5,


Friday 18 October

Venue: Ethnographical Museum – Musaion, Kinsky Folly, Kinského zahrada 98, 150 00 Prague 5


8:45, Registration, coffee


9:00, Conference opening


9:15, Panel 1, Ethnography of Post-Socialism
(Chair: Stanislav Holubec)

  • Gábor Egry: An Anti-Communist Revolution of Gastronomy. The Gastronomy Renewal Movement and Hungarian History.
  • Mateja Habinc: Flexibility of “Objectively Authentic” Events: Cow’s Ball, Vasovanje and Rural Wedding in Bohinj.
  • Petr Janeček: Anti-Communist Anecdotes of the Early 1990s between Folk and Popular Culture.


10:30, Panel 2, Memories and Imagination of Post-Socialism
(Chair: Jan Lomíček)

  • Tamás Bezsenyi: Conflicting Memories of Anti-/Post-communism in Popular Culture. A Committed Resistant?
  • Stanislav Holubec: Primitives from the East. Stereotyping and Othering of Slovaks and Russians in the Czech Post-Communist Discourse 1990 – 1999.
  • Josef Švéda: The Czechs Rediscover America. Reflections of the USA in the Czech Post-Communist Literature and Culture.


11:45, Break


12:00, Ann Gray: Taking Popular Culture Seriously.


13:00, Lunch


14:00, Panel 3, Screens of Post-Socialism 
(Chair: Reana Senjković)

  • János Deme, Mate Zombory: From consumer freedom to political liberty. Representations  of Lake Balaton in Hungarian and German Fictional Movies since the 1960s.
  • Dubravka Djurić: Constructing New National Identity in Serbian TV Serials: Rural and Urban Divide, and the War Trauma.
  • Georgiana Dragota: Key Features of the Glocalization of a Popular Culture Genre: the Production of Local Television Series in Post-Socialist East-Central Europe.
  • Petra Milički: Monuments of a Yugo-sized Global Village.


15:30, Break


15:45, Panel 4, Gendered Post-Socialism
(Chair: Jiřina Šmejkalová)

  • Adéla Gjuričová: Naked Democracy: Erotics and Naked Body in Czech Public Space after 1989.
  • Suzana Kos: Gender, Sexuality and Transitional Change in Czech Popular Literature.
  • Lucie Peisertová: The Changes of (not merely) Practical Woman and Emancipation of a Hobby Magazine.
  • Eva Schaeffler: Reflections of Sexuality and Gender in the Eastern German “Super Illu”.
  • Milica Trakilović: Moving the Body of the Nation: Mimetic Self-Performance as Subversion of Ideological Othering.


17:45, Alternative Smíchov Walk (Jan Lomíček)


19:00, Social Programme

(dinner on own premises, place: Plzeňská restaurace Zubajda, Zubatého 3, Prague 5,

Thematic screenings:

  • Brakfest: Plush Humour and the Very Best of Czech Transformation Comedy.
  • Shockproof Film Festival: Czechsploitation - The Wild East films of the 90's.


Saturday 19 October

Venue: Ethnographical Museum – Musaion, Kinsky Folly, Kinského zahrada 98, 150 00 Prague 5


8:45, Coffee


9:00, Panel 5, To be Young in Post-Socialism
(Chair: Gábor Egry)

  • Tomáš Kavka: World of Czech Teenager from the Perspective of Teenage Youth Magazines at the Turn of 1980s and 1990s.
  • Pavel Kořínek: From Barbánek to Smurfette. The Changes of Publication Strategies of Comics Serials in Czech Magazines for Children and the Youth.
  • Ina Píšová, Jakub Machek: Guilty Pleasure and Moral Panic: Collective Memory and Watching of the Late Socialist and Early 1990s TV Shows.


10:15, Break


10:25, Panel 6, Soundtrack of Post-Socialism
(Chair: Petr A. Bílek)

  • Marija Grujić: „Drop Rock, Let's do Folk“: Why Turbo-Folk Music in Difficult Times?
  • Teodora Konach: Pop Folk Music and the Politics of Time: Disco-polo vs. Tchalga and the Dynamics of Identity in Post-Communist Poland and Bulgaria.
  • Irena Šentevska: „Nesting Folklorismus“: Turbo-Folk, Chalga and the New Elite Culture of the Post-Socialist Balkans.


11:40, Break


12:00, Eric Gordy: That Theory there?


13:00, Lunch


14:15, Panel 7, Post-Socialist Subcultures I
(Chair: Eric Gordy)

  • Jan Charvát: Nationalism, Anti-communism and "Traditional Values" in the Non-Political Branch of the Skinhead Movement.
  • Ondřej Daniel: Ashes of a Flag: For a Microhistory of Post Socialist Youth Delinquency.
  • Margit Feischmidt: Popular Nationalism: Rock Music and Radical Right in Hungary.
  • Paulina Kudzin: Girls with Safety Pins. Anarchofeminism in Polish Popular Music (paper will be presented by Sylwia Czachór).


15:45, Break


16:00, Panel 8, Post-Socialist Subcultures II
(Chair: Robert Kulmiński)

  • Daniela Dobos: Constructions of Women in the Romanian Hip Hop Urban Subculture and Beyond.
  • Liutauras Kraniauskas: No More Heroes Anymore: Reflecting Transformations of Rebel Music Subcultures in Post-Soviet Klaipeda, Lithuania (1990-2000).
  • Antonín Kudláč: Fans as the Active Makers of Popular Culture: The case of Czechoslovak fandom after 1989 (paper will be presented by Petr Janeček).
  • Colleen McQuillen: “Domesticating the Streetscape: Reproductions of Russian Graffiti and Their Subversion of Subculture”.


17:30, Conference wrap-up


18:00, Informal post-conference get-together (Tea room Bílý Jeřáb, Štefánikova 51

Prague 5,