Ethnographical Museum – Musaion

Kinsky Folly

Kinského zahrada 98 

150 00 Praha 5


Entry to Kinsky Folly as seen from Švandovo divadlo tram stop


Go straight through the park leaving the two buildings on your right.


Through the park...


Until its end.


We will provide the information panels in the park and we can also arrange meeting at the entry of the park the first morning of the conference (18 October) at 8:45 AM.


Informal pre-conference get-together

Plzeňský restaurant Anděl, Nádražní 114, Prague 5,, phone: (+420) 603 255 437, Jakub MACHEK

Venue for social programme, 18 October

Plzeňská restaurace Zubajda, Zubatého 3, Prague 5, (+420) 603 597 334 (Jan LOMÍČEK)



Informal post-conference get-together

Tea room Bílý Jeřáb, Štefánikova 51, Prague 5,, phone: (+420) 725 047 812, Ondřej DANIEL)


The currency in Czech Republic is Czech Crown (koruna, CZK). In many shops you can pay with euro (EUR) but the currency rate is far from ideal. We suggest changing a modest sum (10-20 EUR) at your arrival (airport or railway station) and then investigate for the best exchange rates. Please keep in mind that the exchange offices often publish only their best exchange rates (when changing more than ex. 500 EUR) so it is always better to ask how much you get for your money in advance. Fair exchange rate for one EUR should be around 25 CZK (ideally little bit more).

We can recommend you one exchange office in Prague centre You may see their actual exchange rate here: (first two columns are related to actual exchange rate. You may however ask for the rate of the second two with this printed coupon -


Prague Public Transport

One travel in public transport costs 26 CZK (30 minutes) or 32 CZK (75 minutes). You can purchase the tickets at the ticket machines at the entry of subway or at the most of tram stops. You may also find it at tobacco shops (trafika or Tabák). Buying it from a bus driver is more expensive (40 CZK for 30 minutes). You may find the Prague subway and buses plan here: subway and tramway plan here: and night transport (0:00 – 5:00 AM) here: You can always find our venue little left from the centre of the map on the left bank of the river (the bus and tram stops Švandovo divadlo, close to B-subway-line stop Anděl, in the proximity of Újezd tramway junction, north from Anděl in direction Malostranská A-subway-line station).


Eating out

In the centre of Prague you may find basic lunch deals for 100 – 150 CZK. Dining in the centre may be more expensive 150 – 300 CZK. We may suggest you two downtown restaurants. One with a beautiful view and interesting history not far from conference venue: Café Slavia, Another one more typically Czech, little bit further but still not far: U parlamentu,  You may find typical Czech dishes here: For vegetarians we recommend Fried cheese (90-120 CZK):, Marinated Camembert (as a starter, 40-70 CZK): and Indian restaurants (for ex.


Tips and Tricks

Sadly enough, Prague has suffered from the intensive tourism gold-mining during last almost 25 years. Therefore the quality of the services is sometimes quite low and the prices may be inadequately high. Similarly to other tourism-driven cities it is better to control twice the bill you pay. In particular you should pay attention when taking a taxi. Beware of pickpockets in the centre of the city (at and around Václavské náměstí, subway stops Muzeum, Můstek, Náměstí republiky, Florenc and Anděl as well as at the bus and railway stations). Should you need the taxi, it is better to call it in advance: or



The weather in Prague should be rather cold (6-14 degrees Celsius) with high chance of rain. Please take your umbrellas with you. The good news is that the absence of sunny weather will allow us to fully concentrate on conference programme.